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How to Marry to Love God More

How to Marry to Love God More

I saw a lovely little sentiment floating around the internet recently that said: “Marry someone who makes you fall in love with God every single day.” At first glance, that seems like a perfectly appropriate single Christian girl power sentiment to share on social media. But sorry (not sorry), I’m calling BS. Do you know what makes me fall in love with God more every single day? Recognizing that my loving husband, smart, talented, and spiritually mature as he is… will continually disappoint me. In my first year or two of marriage, I remember hitting a wall of frustration when I ... Read More »

Waiting and Dating: Thoughts on Singleness

One of the things this season of life is teaching me is how to better empathize with others. I realized recently that many of my single friends are likely experiencing a version of what I am now – this longing for a season of life that has not yet happened. Maybe, like me, you face daily reminders that you are not where you want to be – they show up multiple times a day, reminding you that you are behind. You feel like there are massive roadblocks keeping you from a role you were meant to play. You feel silly ... Read More »

A Book That Can Change Your Love Life

I have always been in love with love. Throughout my teen years I was searching for it, and in my early twenties I spent most of my days trying to unravel the mystery of it. I was a serial dater, always on the hunt for Prince Charming… until I gave up on him and then eventually found something so much better. Between my many years of dating and now three years of marriage, I have learned a lot about what love does and doesn’t look like. I learned a lot of things the hard way, and there are so many things ... Read More »

Giving Away My Best Friend

You can imagine a thousand times how it might feel to witness your best friend’s wedding day, but you will always fail. Nothing can you prepare you for it. On my own wedding day, I was blissfully happy, and so excited to be celebrating in such a massive way with all my beloved friends and family. I felt no grief about leaving my family and creating a new one, but watching my little sister Kelly do the same in June wrenched my heart in a way I didn’t expect. Kelly and I are three years and almost two months apart, ... Read More »

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made

This one from the archives of 2011 and the start of this blog seems appropriate for re-posting, as lately I’ve found myself again with a growing craving for the creative life. The more things change, the more they stay the same. – – – The idea of moving to New York City to pursue a dream seems incredibly exciting. And it is. I moved here to first pursue a marriage relationship with my then-fiancé, who had built for himself both a successful finance career and deep church community. I struggled with leaving my own job and amazing community in Knoxville, ... Read More »

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