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We All Want to be Known

We All Want to be Known

Falling in love can be terrifying. When Nick and I were dating and our relationship was becoming more serious, my doubts battled my love for him in a serious way. We were talking about marriage only a few months into our relationship, because we had been friends for over two years and had already dated once before. As I thought about the future, of committing the rest of my life to one person, it almost made me want to hyperventilating. Almost every long-term relationship I had been in before had crashed and burned badly. After years of investment, they ended with glaringly obvious lists of ... Read More »

5 Ways to Get Great Engagement Photos

I am by no means a photography expert, but I am a first-class photo blog-stalker. I have loved photography from childhood, from going through roll after roll of film at summer camp to learning the dark room process in high school. But in college, as I watched my friends start to get married, I stumbled into the evolving world of engagement and wedding photography. It excited me to see the industry changing, since I had no real senior portraits to speak of and always wondered why such milestone events were captured in such a yawn-worthy way. My photo blog obsession started with Julie Roberts, ... Read More »

Matt + Kelly’s Engagement Story

So, I’ve been remiss with some certain exciting news on this here blog about love and marriage and newlywed life. My little sister – my “built-in best friend” is GETTING MARRIED! Kelly and her boyfriend of two and a half years, Matt, got engaged in July right before her twenty-fourth birthday. I am so excited to be her Maid of Honor in their June wedding next year, and of course, plan to document the fun details of the planning process as much as they will allow me 😉 I asked Kelly if she would share her engagement story with you ... Read More »

When I Love My Husband Most

There are plenty of reasons I love my husband. Nick is the only guy I have ever been in a relationship with that loves live music as much as I do, and shares similar taste. He jumps at the chance to be with people and create great memories. (An extrovert + an extrovert = a LOT of fun!) But beyond these things, when I find myself most proud of him and confident that I chose my life partner well is when we pray together. When you marry someone and begin living every day with them, it is my understanding that for ... Read More »

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