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Creating Real Community (Guest Post)

Creating Real Community (Guest Post)

This week I’m guest posting over at the Hoboken Grace blog as a part of our Circles series about creating community. When I moved to this city five years ago, I was newly engaged, diving into my fiancé’s existing network of friends and church family in Hoboken. Seven hundred miles away, I left behind an amazing community of friends and a church I loved. As an extrovert, I have always enjoyed meeting new people and building new friendships, but starting from scratch was still hard. As I started attending Hoboken Grace, I was encouraged to join a Dinner Group. I was wary. I ... Read More »

In Praise of Millenial Church

I have done a fair amount of traveling over the last few months through various parts of the South, and have come to realize something: when I am away from my church family on Sundays, I find myself homesick. It’s somewhat shocking for me to come to this realization. As I’ve written about before, it’s taken a long time for me to really embrace Hoboken as home. Coming here has required being a part of a culture vastly different from the one I moved from, and in the past I have sometimes felt like an outsider in church that purposes to reach ... Read More »

Giving Up on Prince Charming

On this day that so amplifies the desire for true love, I offer this one from the archives of spring 2010. – – – When I was younger, my hope and prayer was that someday, my prince would come, and we would fall desperately, madly in love, and live happily ever after. (Yeah, thanks a lot Disney!) In my mind, this meant that somewhere in the world, there was this perfect person out there who I was meant to spend my life with. In high school, my mother bought me every Christian dating book there was, hot off the press, ... Read More »

How I Accidentally Ended Up A “Pastor’s Wife”

How I Accidentally Ended Up A “Pastor’s Wife”

God absolutely has a sense of humor. Have you heard that saying, “Want to make God laugh? Tell him about your plans?” Well, He has got to be belly-laughing right now. Not in a “Ha Ha! I told you so!” way, but in a loving, fatherly, shaking his head at the sometimes-smallness of my life’s vision kind of way. This year has been a year of shifting dynamics and big, unexpected changes for the Lenzis, and the last month has not disappointed to carry on this theme. After three years of volunteer work with Hoboken Grace Community Church, Nick was ... Read More »

Urban Church Changes Everything

Today I have a guest post featured over at my friend Paul’s blog, Hunting for God, the gist of which is how I am getting over myself and learning to embrace Hoboken 😉 Please go check it out and leave some love! I have come to realize that living an urban life has forever shifted my understand what it means to follow Jesus. My faith started to shift when left college in the Bible belt of East Tennessee and moved into the thick of one of Philadelphia’s roughest neighborhoods. My campus was situated in North Philadelphia, an area notorious for ... Read More »

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