The Mocha Club: Love, Liberty, and Live Music

Since starting a full time job in February, buying lattes has bumped up from an occasional luxury to a regular occurrence. I have been averaging a good seven and a half hours of sleep per night, so it’s not that I always need the caffeine, but when I walk past a high quality, direct trade coffee shop on your way to work every single day how can I not support that? With every coffee I have purchased since going full time, I have been slowly reminded of the Mocha Club, an organization that asks people to donate the cost of a few mochas a ... Read More »

The Truth About Newlywed Life (Part 2)

Last month I shared with you Part 1 about what I learned in my first year of marriage. I have even more to say on the subject, and this one goes deeper. Turns out I learned a lot! Marriage requires close friendship. Nick and I were friends first, and our relationship took over a year to turn romantic. I am so grateful we had that kind of start, and I believe it will provide us with a strong, well-balanced foundation for a lifelong commitment to love each other. As I got engaged, I read a book called Marry Him: The ... Read More »

Why Christians Need Lent

Saying that I am practicing Lent still feels a little funny, considering I grew up in a non-denominational church which (as far as I remember) did not practice many formal Christian traditions. What I knew about Lent consisted of my Catholic friends loudly declaring what they were giving up and that they were not eating red meat on Fridays. I had no clue why they were doing these things, and I thought that perhaps they were a little crazy. It was not until after college that I started attending a church that embraced liturgy and I began learning about the church calendar and the ... Read More »

The Unexpected Blessing of Plan B

I have some exciting news to share! (No, we’re not pregnant. Really people? C’mon.) As of this morning I am moving from part-time Office Manager at Elmwood Design to full-time – salaried with full benefits and extremely generous paid vacation! If you’ve been keeping track, you will remember that I have only been in my new job less than two months, so I was pretty surprised at how quickly things moved forward! We had talked about reviewing and maybe moving to full-time at my 90 day review. After looking for full-time employment in NYC since spring 2010, this is such ... Read More »

The Truth About Newlywed Life (Part 1)

The first year of marriage was easier than I expected. During our engagement, some people told us that the first year of marriage is the hardest. Thankfully we also heard from other couples that it was a great year. I am so glad to be able to say that while our first year obviously had its challenges, overall it was really good for us as a couple. We didn’t live together until after the wedding, so becoming man and wife and roommates all at once was (is) an adjustment that we are still figuring out. We have your typical roommate/best friend/family disagreements, ... Read More »

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