Bucket List for #27

On Monday, I turned 27. As my oh-so-loving little brother pointed out, I am most definitely in my “late twenties.” (Although I suppose I was last year too, but I didn’t specifically have the sense that yes, I’m starting to get old.) The temptation is to get to be a certain age and start to panic a little over the things you may have left undone or have yet to accomplish, so this post is my attempt to combat that. Here are some things I am aiming to accomplish while I’m 27, which is a bit of an expansion on ... Read More »

The Mocha Club: Love, Liberty, and Live Music

Since starting a full time job in February, buying lattes has bumped up from an occasional luxury to a regular occurrence. I have been averaging a good seven and a half hours of sleep per night, so it’s not that I always need the caffeine, but when I walk past a high quality, direct trade coffee shop on your way to work every single day how can I not support that? With every coffee I have purchased since going full time, I have been slowly reminded of the Mocha Club, an organization that asks people to donate the cost of a few mochas a ... Read More »

The Truth About Newlywed Life (Part 2)

Last month I shared with you Part 1 about what I learned in my first year of marriage. I have even more to say on the subject, and this one goes deeper. Turns out I learned a lot! Marriage requires close friendship. Nick and I were friends first, and our relationship took over a year to turn romantic. I am so grateful we had that kind of start, and I believe it will provide us with a strong, well-balanced foundation for a lifelong commitment to love each other. As I got engaged, I read a book called Marry Him: The ... Read More »

Why Christians Need Lent

Saying that I am practicing Lent still feels a little funny, considering I grew up in a non-denominational church which (as far as I remember) did not practice many formal Christian traditions. What I knew about Lent consisted of my Catholic friends loudly declaring what they were giving up and that they were not eating red meat on Fridays. I had no clue why they were doing these things, and I thought that perhaps they were a little crazy. It was not until after college that I started attending a church that embraced liturgy and I began learning about the church calendar and the ... Read More »

The Unexpected Blessing of Plan B

I have some exciting news to share! (No, we’re not pregnant. Really people? C’mon.) As of this morning I am moving from part-time Office Manager at Elmwood Design to full-time – salaried with full benefits and extremely generous paid vacation! If you’ve been keeping track, you will remember that I have only been in my new job less than two months, so I was pretty surprised at how quickly things moved forward! We had talked about reviewing and maybe moving to full-time at my 90 day review. After looking for full-time employment in NYC since spring 2010, this is such ... Read More »

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