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The Next Chapter: Expecting A Miracle

We’ve got some exciting news to share… perhaps the best yet.

Yep, we’re talking about THAT news you and I have looong been waiting for. We are overjoyed to tell you that after three years of struggling with infertility, two surgeries, supplements, hormones, the help of a bit of fertility meds, and a whole lot of prayer, we are finally expecting our miracle baby in October!

We’re 18 weeks along into a healthy pregnancy, still pinching ourselves after so many negative tests, health challenges and 36 months of trying to conceive. The February morning I took the test, I had no particular inkling that I was actually pregnant, I just knew my body was cooperating slightly better than normal and it was 12 days past ovulation and safe to test. When a second line started appearing promptly, I started to shake.

I had never, ever seen that before and my brain couldn’t process the information that double line was telling it. My first thoughts were variations of “I can’t believe this is happening.” And “Seriously? Is this for real?” I was amused to find my second thought was, “Are we ready for this?” After hoping for this result for what feels like forever, I still had a normal human moment of self-doubt most parents-to-be probably have.

And the answer is yes, we are SO ready!

In my first draft of this announcement, I was writing just after National Infertility Awareness Week and before Mother’s Day, which seemed fitting. The in between reflects our journey of waiting (and waiting and waiting), hope, and finally beginning to embrace our new roles as parents. As one who has sat on the other side of the screen for countless pregnancy announcements over the duration of our 36 month long wait, I share this news with a tender heart, knowing there are many (1 in 8 couples) still in the midst of their own infertility struggle.

They are wondering if it’s worth it to dare to hope that one day, things might be different. They wonder if they are seeing the right doctor and following the right regimen. They wonder if they are praying hard enough or if they did something in their lives to deserve the deferment of their dream. They wonder if it’s worth the fight or if they should give up or go another route entirely.

Statistically, we should have remained 1 in 8. At one point I read that the chances of us conceiving with stage IV advanced Endometriosis were 1-2%. We were told by my first doctor after coming out of surgery that we “would be great candidates for IVF.” And yet here we are, by God’s grace and the help of modern science, pregnant “naturally.” Sometimes God heals supernaturally, sometimes God heals through medicine, and sometimes God chooses not to heal for reasons outside our understanding, despite our most desperate pleas.

We are living smack dab in the middle of the already but not yet. We are already but not yet fully physically healed. We are already and not yet parents. We are already and not yet living in the fullness of God’s kingdom.

And even if God had not healed, even if we were still waiting, even if we were never able to experience becoming biological parents, we know God would still be sovereign. God would still be good and present every step of the journey. Those prayers and desires would have come to fruition another way. There would still be hope and joy every reason to look forward to the days ahead with anticipation.

Friends who are in the midst of the infertility struggle, know we love you, think of you, and pray for you regularly. If you ever need people to listen who just “get it,” we’re your people. Don’t hesitate to reach out because there is so much strength to be found in carrying each other’s burdens. Once admitted to this involuntary club, we’re always in the club. Infertility will always be a part of our story, and so will beating the odds!




photo by Brooke Bacon Photography


  1. Travetta Johnson

    YAY!!!!! So happy and excited for you!!! Praise God!!!

  2. So excited for y’all! Congratulations on your miracle baby!!!

  3. Sister. I had just put on my eyeliner.

    PRAISE JESUS for this miracle-baby’s life!!

  4. So So HAPPY for you both….God is Good ALL the Time <3

    • Thank you Ellen! It’s true – even in the hardest struggles and darkest days when we have ZERO clue what God is up to, God is good <3

  5. Oh my goodness!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! I am so excited for you two…well, three actually lol!

  6. Praise the Lord! Melissa and I are rejoicing with you guys!

  7. Praise God!!
    Can’t wait for you to release the rest of the photos!!! =DD

  8. Verna (Great Gram) Brewer

    Excited. Thank you Lord for answered prayers and we trust YOU for a beautiful, healthy baby.

  9. Aaaaaaaaaaamen and Congrats!! I’ve followed your journey thus far and am so happy for you!!

  10. Oh so love the sharing of good news with a sensitive heart to those waiting in the realm of not yet. Looking forward to trusting God together in new ways in the days and years ahead.

  11. Jennifer Bucci

    So happy for you Erika! Your words to other couples struggling with infertility are beautiful. I love seeing what an amazing and Godly woman you have become.

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