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The Long Game of Following Your Dreams

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Over the past year, I slowly laid down the dreams and timelines I once carried so tightly.

I told you how I had carefully laid plans, and but how I was learning to let them go. As I made peace with the idea that I was not in control of certain areas of my life, I started to reconsider the things I did have some control over. I asked myself what the next right thing was instead of revising my five year plan.

You may have noticed things have gotten a bit quieter around the blog this fall, and in part that is due to the fact that I resumed my full-time job search and I was updating my resume each week and going on multiple interviews. When I left my last office job working for a branding firm, I got a small taste of what it would be like to write copy for brands and I knew that if I stayed in that industry, I wanted to pursue that route. I promised myself that whatever I did next, I was going to make room for writing.

As you may remember, I struggled immensely after I first moved here trying to break into the editorial world and spent a lot of time switching between ogling and sneering at NYC. Sometimes it feels like the right job will never come along, but sometimes the perfect cocktail of hard work, a resume with the right keywords, and great timing actually can lead you to the kind of job you want. A couple weeks ago I got three recruiter calls in the same day for the same position. I went in and interviewed right after Thanksgiving and I am so happy to share with you that on Wednesday…

I start as a Jr. Copywriter for PepsiCo in the West Village design office!

It almost seems to good to be true. I have been working towards the title of “Writer” for years, starting with a college degree in journalism and then seven years of working in all kinds of fields. To be fair, “writer” was already self-imposed thanks to this blog and freelance copywriting projects over the years. But have it officially and to get to write and edit for a fun, worldwide brand in a creative capacity in one of the best cities in the world? Somebody pinch me!

Many people are smarter and savvier than I am, and knew exactly what they had to do while in college to get an incredible job in their desired field right out of school. (*Ahem* my husband!) Others of us floundered in general and struggled through a disasterous economic recession while trying to figure it out. For some people, it takes months, and others it takes decades. There were many times I thought finding full-time work I truly enjoyed as a writer and editor may never happen for me, so the fact that it is happening makes me want to say to anyone who has felt like I have… keep going. You are not out of time, and your ship has not sailed. It can still happen!

Despite the wave of joy I am currently riding, if there is anything I have learned since living here, it is that meaningful work is wonderful, but it will not provide your ultimate purpose. That has to be found elsewhere. I walk into this new season carrying with me all the important lessons I learned over the last two years about slowing down, self care, and managing my time and priorities.

As my pace of life is about to shift dramatically, I would love both your prayers and your suggestions for what you want to hear more about in this space. I can not tell you enough how much I appreciate you, dear reader. Your feedback and encouragement have pushed me to become a better writer and have reminded me that I am not alone. While things may be changing, I want to remain faithful to showing up here and sharing. Let’s keep the conversation going, shall we?

PS. Do you have genius tips for turning a night owl into an early bird? Anyone want to form a writing club that meets at a few times a week at 7am for accountability? 😉



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  1. I am SO ecstatic for you, friend!!! Seriously…I will be praying for you through this new beginning and I am so glad that God gave you this opportunity! As my mom would say, “You go, Girl!” Love you lots!! 🙂

  2. I hear we should go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning to get our biological clocks working. You will be working full time? so you will get into a routine again. Make yourself get into bed at a set time and read until your eyes drop.No electronics an hour b4 bed. I am totally preaching to the choir as you know 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Erika! This is fabulous news 🙂 We will have to “do lunch” sometime in the spring to celebrate when I return to my NYC adventures. (I’m taking the winter off to hibernate.) I agree with your mom on the advice front. Jim is definitely an early bird and I am not. I have found that having a bedtime routine is really helpful and while I’m still wouldn’t call myself a morning person, my body has adjusted to waking at a much earlier time. So much so that I even wake up early on the weekends! Congrats again, I’m so excited for you!

  4. I am definitely a night owl by nature, but have had to work against that for most of my adult life. One big thing that helps, which is more like a bunch of small things, is to create a nightly routine: turn off/silence all devices at a certain time so your mind and body have a chance to transition to rest-time; drink some herbal tea; read a book; listen to soothing music; journal; hang with your hubby; etc, and start this AT LEAST an hour before you plan to go to sleep. Anything to signal to your brain that it’s time to slow down. And if you’re like me, you always think of a whole bunch of stuff you need to do before you go to bed, so it’s good to give yourself a buffer of an hour or 2 so you can complete those tasks and still get to bed on the earlier side.
    I’m sure you’ve seen the research proving that the blue light emitted from computer/phone screens disrupts sleep, and I’ve personally seen a marked difference when I stay away from devices after 7 or 8pm, but let’s be honest, that rarely ever happens!

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