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Shifting Seasons and Giving Myself Permission

Shifting Seasons and Giving Myself Permission

I have felt my heart shifting for a while now. As a single person and for most of my married life, I have stacked fun experiences and friendships and travel on top of each other so tightly that I left little to no room to rest. After graduating from college having studied the craft I loved and holding a degree in Journalism, I rarely wrote for myself, using up all my words in verbal processing with others and leaving no space for quiet contemplation. In my most recent years, I lived at the break-neck pace of New York City, simultaneously loving and ... Read More »

Cultivating a Creative and Authentic Story

Last week, I attended the Storyline Conference in Chicago and after a week of inspiring, challenging talks, workshop material, and conversations with other creatives, I realized I have been holding out on you. I aim for transparent and approachable, but maybe too often I try to tell you things from the other side, from the perspective of one who has been there and gleaned some bit of life-changing wisdom. I do not always let you into the middle, into the midst of the struggles and the mess, where my heart is breaking, and the process of deciphering the puzzle. When I ... Read More »

A Summer of Anxious Hope and Rest

This summer was far different from the one I imagined at the start of the year. I hoped to spend it in grander ways, checking long-awaited goals off the list, like taking a lengthy vacation to Europe with my husband. But then, this spring, I parted ways with my job. While it was a difficult situation, it was also a blessing. The summer kicked off by saying hello to the last year of my twenties. I attended a conference that reminded me of the basics of what it means to practice spiritual disciplines. Babysitting on the regular reminded of how much ... Read More »

Five Things Friday: 5.23.14

Five things I’ve been loving lately… Something local Hoboken has a new coffee shop – Black Rail Coffee! I discovered this new spot while scrolling through #Hoboken tags on twitter and since I happened to pass by 800 Jackson street this week, I had to try their cold brewed coffee. Setting up shop right next to the 9th street light rail station seems an ingenious move to cater to commuters. Read More »

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