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My Best Wedding Day Advice

Yesterday I met a friend for coffee who is weeks away from marrying the love of her life and having the wedding she has always dreamed of. She asked me if I had any advice to give. I laughed and asked, “Other than the archives on the blog?” (You know I love sharing advice!) After a few moments considering the best advice for a bride at the end of the wedding planning process and quickly approaching the day she says I do, this is what came to mind. Be present. As simple as that may sound, showing up as a wholly present person ... Read More »

5 Lessons I Learned While Wedding Planning

5 Lessons I Learned While Wedding Planning

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Now welcome to Purgatory. Ok, engagement isn’t that bad… for some people. Honestly, I was one of those brides who was generally a stressed out hot mess while planning. I don’t understand the (very few) women who are completely calm about the whole process and knock out the entire wedding plan to the last detail in just a few months. I love to throw a great party, but I’m also a complete perfectionist. I warn you now – this is a recipe for insanity. I found the planning process fun at first, but I was over it ... Read More »

Creative Wedding Invitations on a Budget

In honor of my dear friend and bride-to-be (whom I call “Bechles,” which is the combination of her last name, Bech, with the adorable freckles on her face) prepping her amazing DIY wedding invitations this evening for her July 9th wedding, I thought I would give you the scoop on wedding invites. Honestly, when I first started planning, I initially didn’t care all that much about invitations. Now, trust me, I do care about design and drool over elegant letterpress stationary, but I knew that was not something on which I was willing to blow a huge portion of my ... Read More »

The Dress

Since I discovered its existence, Say Yes to the Dress has been a guilty pleasure of mine that I was finally able to admit to in public after my engagement last year. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, or are an non-engaged male, here is the basic show premise: brides-to-be fly in from all over the country to Kleinfeld Bridal, New York’s famous bridal boutique looking to find the wedding dress of their dreams. Most of these brides seem to fall into the category of hopeless romantic. Brides gush about their fiancés, how perfect they are, and how they ... Read More »

A Father’s Blessing.

Last week, my parents celebrated twenty years of marriage. In the past, each passing year has been somewhat of a slap on the back. Something to the effect of “Hey, you did it! Again! Great job!” sometimes without much reflection on what an accomplishment that really is. But this year, with the event of my own marriage, I am realizing how big a marriage anniversary is. Twenty years is a long time. My parents have celebrated and endured much over the past two decades. I wasn’t expecting the weight of that commitment to hit me with such impact as I ... Read More »

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