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On Practicing Patience and Waiting for Children

On Practicing Patience and Waiting for Children

There are many things Uganda changed in me, but of all the things this one is perhaps the most life-altering. It flipped my baby switch to “on.” If you are a long-time reader, you know that I have been slowly working my way through my fears of becoming a mom. The year I got married, I declared No Babies ’til 2015. I was Staving Off the Baby Rabies. And earlier this year, I admitted to the Trepidation of Urban Motherhood. Last year I would walk to work every day and pass moms and nannies pushing strollers. I would ask myself: ... Read More »

The Most Powerful Words You Can Speak

One of the most important things Bob Goff taught me is how to love people in a bigger way with my words. As we prepared to celebrate the graduation of the children at Restore Leadership Academy, Bob challenged us. This, more than any other advice he gave, is what has stuck with me: “Don’t just tell people what they want to hear. Tell them who they are.” Read More »

On Making Hoboken Feel Like Home

This summer marks my fourth year living in Hoboken. It is hard to believe I’ve been here over 1460 days already. This is the longest I have lived in one area since my high school days. I used to hate change, but after half of my life being filled with it, it has become harder to settle in somewhere and embrace a place as home. My tendency is to always look towards the horizon and wonder what is next. This year, people we love who have been here since the beginning of my time in Hoboken are beginning to move. ... Read More »

Erika’s 2013 in Review

“The only point of clocks and maps The only point of looking back Is to see how far we’ve come.” Dawes, How Far We’ve Come You know by now how much I love to look back and set new goals. Last year, I decided not to set hard and fast resolutions, but try the ebb and flow of Jon Acuff’s goals called The 52 & 7 Challenge. While the idea of reevaluating and making smaller resolutions is one I did revisit throughout the year, I didn’t do a great job of keeping a public record of them. So here’s the ... Read More »

Why I Went to Uganda

I’ve been home from Africa for over a week now, and I think I am finally starting to get back to “life as normal” after a week’s transition back to the States. We experienced and learned so much that when people say, “I want to hear all about your trip!” I have found myself at a loss for words. Where do I start? How do I pick “the highlights?” As I thought about where to start, I think this is a good place. I went to Uganda to love people. This is actually no different from how I try to live ... Read More »

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