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How DINKs Do Disney

According to our Disney fanatic friends, doing Disney as DINKs (sans kids) is a must. I was on the fence about doing Disney as a twenty-something couple, because I had only been once when I was seven, so I didn’t really remember Disney in detail. Due to a wedding of dear friends down south and our vacation schedule, we decided… it’s time to check Disney off the list. And I have to say… they were right. Doing “DINKY” Disney was awesome! There are entire blogs devoted to the Disney culture and vacation experience, and I’m no expert, so I won’t go into ... Read More »

2014: The Year of Intention

As I was reading through other blogger’s posts and their new year’s resolutions, I saw a lot on this idea of choosing a “theme word” for the year. At first I thought that might be a bit much and didn’t think I had one, but as I sat down to solidify my goals for this year, the word intentional kept popping up. I want to be more intentional with my life, living more aware and with more purpose, in every single facet. Too often I find my NYC whirl-wind paced life distracts me and my days, weeks, and months begin ... Read More »

Erika’s 2013 in Review

“The only point of clocks and maps The only point of looking back Is to see how far we’ve come.” Dawes, How Far We’ve Come You know by now how much I love to look back and set new goals. Last year, I decided not to set hard and fast resolutions, but try the ebb and flow of Jon Acuff’s goals called The 52 & 7 Challenge. While the idea of reevaluating and making smaller resolutions is one I did revisit throughout the year, I didn’t do a great job of keeping a public record of them. So here’s the ... Read More »

Why I Went to Uganda

I’ve been home from Africa for over a week now, and I think I am finally starting to get back to “life as normal” after a week’s transition back to the States. We experienced and learned so much that when people say, “I want to hear all about your trip!” I have found myself at a loss for words. Where do I start? How do I pick “the highlights?” As I thought about where to start, I think this is a good place. I went to Uganda to love people. This is actually no different from how I try to live ... Read More »

Going to Uganda!

Exciting times lie ahead for the Lenzis… We are leaving for Africa on Thursday! Nick and I were invited to join an organization called Restore International on a vision trip to the Restore Leadership Academy in Gulu, Uganda. A small team from our church, Hoboken Grace, will be heading there October 17th-28th. Restore International’s goal is to fight injustice, seeking “daring and audacious ways to combat human rights violations… actively seeking ways to bring hope, justice and restoration.” Restore Leadership Academy provides the chance for Ugandan children, many impacted by civil war and without one or both parents, to receive ... Read More »

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