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On Giving Up Clothes for Lent

On Giving Up Clothes for Lent

I gave up clothes for Lent. Of course I’m not wandering around naked until Easter, but I am not buying anything new during this season. Why? Because buying clothes during Lent would only serve to parade my excess. I just finished reading Jen Hatmaker’s Interrupted*, which is the kind of book I end up highlighting nearly half of because it is JUST SO GOOD. One of the chapters that stood out gave statistics on global wealth disparity that are basically mind-boggling: Read More »

The Trepidation of Urban Motherhood

Photo Credit: Michael Comeau, Creative Commons I am thinking more often and more actively about what it looks like to be a mom in the city. I am asking more questions of friends who are moms, babysitting for friends, and finally picking up books that talk about child-rearing. I should know by now… this is how I do things. I am a researcher and fact-gatherer at heart. I want to be fully informed on whatever is my current topic of interest. I want to discuss it with anyone who will listen, and then eventually at some point, I feel ready ... Read More »

A New Adventure

Today marks the start of the next life adventure. I am excited to announce that… I’m returning to the world of the unemployed! Apologies to those who were hoping for another kind of announcement. Nope, still no babies yet! After much discussion and deliberation, my current employer and I decided to go our separate ways. When I started with my current company over two years ago, Nick and I were in a very different place financially and I really needed a full time job to set us up for financial freedom. It was a definite blessing that the opportunity came when ... Read More »

Gaining Momentum (and Shedding Pounds)

People! I’m not burying the lead on this one. I completed week five of my commitment to getting healthier, and I am very excited to share that I am .10 lbs shy of losing 8.5 lbs and I am feeling great! It is shocking to find that I am feeling healthier and more confident now at 2-4 lbs over my “freshman 15” weight than I ever did at 18 years old. The difference is intentionality – pursuing change and actually seeing results. I am beginning to see that being disciplined in my diet and exercise habits is strengthening my those ... Read More »

The Mocha Club: Love, Liberty, and Live Music

Since starting a full time job in February, buying lattes has bumped up from an occasional luxury to a regular occurrence. I have been averaging a good seven and a half hours of sleep per night, so it’s not that I always need the caffeine, but when I walk past a high quality, direct trade coffee shop on your way to work every single day how can I not support that? With every coffee I have purchased since going full time, I have been slowly reminded of the Mocha Club, an organization that asks people to donate the cost of a few mochas a ... Read More »

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