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A Letter To My Former Self: 2015 Edition

A Letter To My Former Self: 2015 Edition

Dearest 29 and 30 year old Erika, You set one intention beyond all others last year, and that was to practice presence. You came out of 2014 emotionally bruised and battered and exhausted by all the expectations you had for the year that refused to come to fruition. You felt your way through the start of the year tentatively, war-torn and bleary eyed, but determined to focus not just on the big stuff, but be proud of how you showed up for your everyday life. 2015 was slow and steady. At times it seemed uneventful and you were kind of ... Read More »

2015: A Year to Practice Presence

I want to show up for 2015. Last year I vowed to use my time intentionally. I was tired of living life only sporadically examined, days and seasons whizzing by as I wished I had spent them better. I wanted to plan better and follow through. My pace of life drastically changed when I no longer had a full-time job. But I often felt like I was still spinning my wheels, trying to gain traction and move forward. Intentionally setting goals was not enough to make sure I accomplished them. We need real reasons to stop and notice and be thankful and ... Read More »

2014: The Year of Intention

As I was reading through other blogger’s posts and their new year’s resolutions, I saw a lot on this idea of choosing a “theme word” for the year. At first I thought that might be a bit much and didn’t think I had one, but as I sat down to solidify my goals for this year, the word intentional kept popping up. I want to be more intentional with my life, living more aware and with more purpose, in every single facet. Too often I find my NYC whirl-wind paced life distracts me and my days, weeks, and months begin ... Read More »

Erika’s 2013 in Review

“The only point of clocks and maps The only point of looking back Is to see how far we’ve come.” Dawes, How Far We’ve Come You know by now how much I love to look back and set new goals. Last year, I decided not to set hard and fast resolutions, but try the ebb and flow of Jon Acuff’s goals called The 52 & 7 Challenge. While the idea of reevaluating and making smaller resolutions is one I did revisit throughout the year, I didn’t do a great job of keeping a public record of them. So here’s the ... Read More »

Resolutions for 2013: The 52 & 7 Challenge

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery I promise I did make resolutions at the beginning of the month, but only wrote them down in my old fashioned paper journal. Since its the last day of January, I thought I had better share them! I just finished The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin over my recent anniversary trip, and am feeling inspired to change my life in little but significant ways in 2013. Instead of the traditional practice of making resolutions and then completely ignoring them, I am going to jump on fellow ENFP ... Read More »

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