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The Next Chapter: Expecting A Miracle

The Next Chapter: Expecting A Miracle

We’ve got some exciting news to share… perhaps the best yet. Yep, we’re talking about THAT news you and I have looong been waiting for. We are overjoyed to tell you that after three years of struggling with infertility, two surgeries, supplements, hormones, the help of a bit of fertility meds, and a whole lot of prayer, we are finally expecting our miracle baby in October! We’re 18 weeks along into a healthy pregnancy, still pinching ourselves after so many negative tests, health challenges and 36 months of trying to conceive. The February morning I took the test, I had ... Read More »

On Practicing Patience and Waiting for Children

On Practicing Patience and Waiting for Children

There are many things Uganda changed in me, but of all the things this one is perhaps the most life-altering. It flipped my baby switch to “on.” If you are a long-time reader, you know that I have been slowly working my way through my fears of becoming a mom. The year I got married, I declared No Babies ’til 2015. I was Staving Off the Baby Rabies. And earlier this year, I admitted to the Trepidation of Urban Motherhood. Last year I would walk to work every day and pass moms and nannies pushing strollers. I would ask myself: ... Read More »

Staving Off the Baby Rabies

I have had the same conversation with at least four people in the last two weeks. On the 21st, Nick and I celebrated two years of marriage, and the same question is on everyone’s mind: So when are you guys having kids? We’ve talked about this before, but it is a cultural norm for married couples to begin having kids about this time. It is a perfectly understandable and even acceptable question to ask me. (If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’m a very open person. I mean, I’m a blogger for goodness’ sake.) So this is my ... Read More »

No Babies ’til 2015*

I live in baby town. I don’t know what the number of pregnant women in our mile square is, but it is a LOT. No seriously, we even have an annual baby parade. I can’t go one day without seeing a pregnant woman in Hoboken, and while I’m at work, this number bumps (get it? bumps?) up to at least three in an eight-hour period. But somehow, the other day after a discussion about our managers adorable new baby, a coworker caught me completely off-guard when he asked, “When are you going to start having kids?” My internal reaction was ... Read More »

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