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Dating for Real: the Second Time Around

The first time we dated, I repeatedly told Nick I would not be his girlfriend “until I had peace about it.” What that looked like and felt like, I had no idea. I spent our dates and weekends together in a state of utter panic and constant comparison to my last relationship. I would run off pros and cons list in my head, keeping track of all the elements he was missing that didn’t measure up to my expectations. Sometimes it felt like I was on the verge of a panic attack because the accusing voices in my head refused ... Read More »

Why I Dumped My Future Husband

The story of how I met the love of my life looks entirely different than I ever imagined it would. Our story doesn’t start with love at first sight, or attraction from the beginning – it starts with friendship. I got to know Nick because at the time, my roommate Rachel was dating his roommate. During our last semester of school, Nick became the token guy friend in our house of girls, who I’d often find sitting on my couch, hanging out post-run with my athletically -inclined roommate. The girls and I often joked that Nick must have a thing for ... Read More »

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