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End of Summer Update

End of Summer Update

Brewer Cousins at the Baxter Wedding – photo by Kelly Dean Photography Phew, guys… August sure was a month. On August 9th, I found out my Gramps (my birth father’s Dad) passed away. While we weren’t close in proximity, we both highly valued our relationship. Gramps was an encourager of my education, of thinking for myself, and one who modeled hard work and an adventurous spirit. I am so grateful for the many years we got to spend together, and will miss him dearly. We celebrated his life together with our extended Simmons family on August 22nd. Two days after I ... Read More »

On Making Hoboken Feel Like Home

This summer marks my fourth year living in Hoboken. It is hard to believe I’ve been here over 1460 days already. This is the longest I have lived in one area since my high school days. I used to hate change, but after half of my life being filled with it, it has become harder to settle in somewhere and embrace a place as home. My tendency is to always look towards the horizon and wonder what is next. This year, people we love who have been here since the beginning of my time in Hoboken are beginning to move. ... Read More »

A City to Call Home

We all have those places that when we think of them, they immediately trigger nostalgia. We remember of all the incredible people we met or the delectable food we tasted or the adventures we embarked upon. When we talk about these places, our eyes brighten and smiles widen. These places feel like home. Knoxville, Tennessee is one of those places for me. I have only ever spent less than four years of my life there, and yet I have a deep connection with it. That city holds unparalleled memories of wacky antics from college, memories of heartbreak and love, and ... Read More »

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