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Five Things Friday: 11.6.15

Five Things Friday: 11.6.15

  It’s been forever since the last Five Things Friday! Here’s what I’ve been loving over the past few weeks: 5 Memories Made in October Longtime friends Ryan and Katherine got married in Princeton, NJ. So did Ryan and Renee, and it was GORGEOUS. (Seriously swoon-worthy photos!) My cousin Craig visited NYC for the first time. I finally hosted some girl friends for brunch (I wish my apt was bigger so I could host more!) I was Wonder Woman for Halloween! 5 Things Around the Web In Praise of Everyday Theologians by Sarah Bessy (a sneak peak from Out of Sorts) Buying begets buying… by Madeline ... Read More »

Five Things Friday: 2.13.14

Happy holiday weekend! I have the today through Monday off and am looking forward to a VERY chilly four-day weekend with my better half. The weather is in the teens here in NYC, so we will likely be hunkered down at home and will maybe brave the cold to hit a movie or museum. If you have any creative suggestions for how we can have fun and stay warm, I’m all ears! Here are a few things I’ve been loving lately… (some are affiliate links) Friday brunch dates. Nick has the day off on Fridays, and my usual work day for my part-time ... Read More »

Five Things Friday: 12.5.14

Here are a few things I’m loving lately… Yerba Maté Latte A friend brought me a can of this delicious herbal tea and I’ve been drinking it all week long. It claims that “coffee gulpers rejoice when this sip this rich, chocolaty infusion with its colorful and flavorful herbs.” I have to say, that’s pretty spot on! I am a coffee drinker, but sometimes grinding my own beans and getting out my french press just feels like too much work in the morning when I’m super tired. This chocolaty tea has been hitting the spot, especially with a bit of steamed ... Read More »

Five Things Friday: 11.14.2014

It’s Friday! Here are a few things I’ve been loving lately for stress relief… This relaxing candle that smells like lilies and citrus A recent obsession with this local ballet-meets-spin class Letting my brain roam free while listening to this band My furry dream come true for instant anxiety reduction This reflective way of praying that helps me see where God showed up How are you going to de-stress this weekend? (Psssst… in case you missed it, make sure to check out my last post on waiting and dating.) Read More »

Five Things Friday: 9.12.14

Ok, five-ish. I have a lot to share with you! Listen I can’t stop listening to The Art of Simple Podcast thanks to my friends with great taste over at Help You Dwell. And speaking of dwelling, the things I am bursting at the seams to share with you this week are absolutely all about helping you life a better, fuller, simpler life. Read More »

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