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How a Spin Class Changed the Way I Worship [Guest Post]

How a Spin Class Changed the Way I Worship [Guest Post]

This week I’m guest posting over at the Hoboken Grace blog as a part of the Direction Series. Exercise class isn’t usually a place where I meet God. I used to be one of those people who saw exercise as an instrument of torture, or a means to an end for maintaining weight. I had no natural athletic abilities, so I figured why bother trying to push my body to do something it doesn’t want to do? But slowly, as I’ve given new forms of exercise a try, I’ve begun to discover the benefits athletes seemed to be raving about all long. ... Read More »

On Losing Those Last Ten Pounds

Every January, we make resolutions to get healthier. Well, January has come and gone. How are we doing with those resolutions, folks? While looking back at the goals I set in 2014, I was surprised to find that while I was still active last year, I did not cover nearly as ground than the year the before. I finally tried spinning classes (and loved them), so that accounts for some of it, but according to my Map My Run data, I completed about 30 workouts less. It was kind of disappointing to see those numbers go down, but I have still managed ... Read More »

How to Fight for Your Fit

Over the past two years I’ve received messages from readers asking, “How did you lose the weight?” I shared the start of my weight-loss journey with you, but since weight loss hasn’t been a focus on the blog, I haven’t formally checked in much along the way. At this point, I have lost 16 pounds in total, about 2 dress sizes, and am feeling back to “normal” and confident in my own skin. My ultimate goal is to lose 10 more to get back to my pre-Hoboken weight but I’m no longer being aggressive about it. As I am sure you well ... Read More »

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