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We NEED to Catch Up Soon!

We NEED to Catch Up Soon!

“We need to catch up soon.” This is the refrain of the harried New Yorker, and of most of my twenty and thirty-something friends. A few weeks ago, The Atlantic published an article about this very thing, and since then I have been pondering the state of my adult friendships. I am a friend collector – the kind of person who maintains a few friendships from each stage of life: childhood, high school, college, and former cities where I lived. Social media allows me to have a touch point with many of these people, and most of these friends are the ... Read More »

Creating Real Community (Guest Post)

Creating Real Community (Guest Post)

This week I’m guest posting over at the Hoboken Grace blog as a part of our Circles series about creating community. When I moved to this city five years ago, I was newly engaged, diving into my fiancé’s existing network of friends and church family in Hoboken. Seven hundred miles away, I left behind an amazing community of friends and a church I loved. As an extrovert, I have always enjoyed meeting new people and building new friendships, but starting from scratch was still hard. As I started attending Hoboken Grace, I was encouraged to join a Dinner Group. I was wary. I ... Read More »

On Making Hoboken Feel Like Home

This summer marks my fourth year living in Hoboken. It is hard to believe I’ve been here over 1460 days already. This is the longest I have lived in one area since my high school days. I used to hate change, but after half of my life being filled with it, it has become harder to settle in somewhere and embrace a place as home. My tendency is to always look towards the horizon and wonder what is next. This year, people we love who have been here since the beginning of my time in Hoboken are beginning to move. ... Read More »

2014: The Year of Intention

As I was reading through other blogger’s posts and their new year’s resolutions, I saw a lot on this idea of choosing a “theme word” for the year. At first I thought that might be a bit much and didn’t think I had one, but as I sat down to solidify my goals for this year, the word intentional kept popping up. I want to be more intentional with my life, living more aware and with more purpose, in every single facet. Too often I find my NYC whirl-wind paced life distracts me and my days, weeks, and months begin ... Read More »

Staving Off the Baby Rabies

I have had the same conversation with at least four people in the last two weeks. On the 21st, Nick and I celebrated two years of marriage, and the same question is on everyone’s mind: So when are you guys having kids? We’ve talked about this before, but it is a cultural norm for married couples to begin having kids about this time. It is a perfectly understandable and even acceptable question to ask me. (If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’m a very open person. I mean, I’m a blogger for goodness’ sake.) So this is my ... Read More »

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