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Five Things Friday: 9.12.14

Ok, five-ish. I have a lot to share with you! Listen I can’t stop listening to The Art of Simple Podcast thanks to my friends with great taste over at Help You Dwell. And speaking of dwelling, the things I am bursting at the seams to share with you this week are absolutely all about helping you life a better, fuller, simpler life. Read More »

Erika’s 2013 in Review

“The only point of clocks and maps The only point of looking back Is to see how far we’ve come.” Dawes, How Far We’ve Come You know by now how much I love to look back and set new goals. Last year, I decided not to set hard and fast resolutions, but try the ebb and flow of Jon Acuff’s goals called The 52 & 7 Challenge. While the idea of reevaluating and making smaller resolutions is one I did revisit throughout the year, I didn’t do a great job of keeping a public record of them. So here’s the ... Read More »

Resolutions for 2013: The 52 & 7 Challenge

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery I promise I did make resolutions at the beginning of the month, but only wrote them down in my old fashioned paper journal. Since its the last day of January, I thought I had better share them! I just finished The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin over my recent anniversary trip, and am feeling inspired to change my life in little but significant ways in 2013. Instead of the traditional practice of making resolutions and then completely ignoring them, I am going to jump on fellow ENFP ... Read More »

Erika’s 2012 in Review

Welp, it’s that time of year again – that dreaded time when we look back and realize how many resolutions we made and failed to accomplish the year before. In a smart move, I publicly made only five for 2012 – which were: Write more Become more active Reach our financial goals See new cities Remain baby-free Remain baby-free. Yay! We did it! Remaining child-free enabled me to accomplish much of my other four goals with fervor. Write more. I look at this goal now and just have to laugh. The good news is – I did write more than ... Read More »

Apparel, Apartments, and Excess: Anthropologie on its Way

HUGE news for the females of Hoboken: word on the street is that Anthropologie is planting itself smack-dab in the middle of the shopping hub of Hoboken. Like most twenty-something caucasian females, I adore Anthropologie. Out of all my friends getting married this year, items from this retailer has been at the top of so many of their bridal wish lists. I don’t really even know how this Philly-based company existence snuck its way into my consciousness a few years ago (most likely my blog surfing habit), but ever since I have found myself drooling over their vintage-inspired romantic clothing, ... Read More »

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